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Make a Lasting Impact

Updated: May 20, 2019

Learn to Know YOU have CONTROL

As the spouse of a retired Marine, I have had the magnificent experience to travel the world and meet hundreds of people.

Human connection is a powerful force that brought me through life in so many ways. There are, without a doubt, ways to make lasting impacts on those you meet. Often, I am asked does meeting a stranger put fear in me? The second most asked question is, does moving make me sad and/or angry?  Let me put this all into perspective. I moved 13 times as a child and 8 times as a military spouse. All of those scenarios seem to be tough, right? Certainly, I cannot say one was any easier or harder than the other.  

As a receiver of transfer and change, you must be willing to open your mind to possibilities. The choices and behavior to change will impact the experience. One of the best connections you can have is human interaction. Time will continue to move and opportunities, if sought after, will present themselves. How will you handle them? What is your feeling of belonging? How do you connect where you are? How can you create an impact on life, both personally and professionally? Yes, no matter where you are! Give yourself time to grow where you are planted. 

Here are a few steps that I found helpful and are in no particular order:

1. Remember that acceptance cannot be forced. 

2. Create the moment to have hope for opportunity.

3. Network.

4. Explore the unknown area. (Life changers have come from       unknown exploring)

5. Talk about your experience with others.

6. Find a place or person that inspires you.

7. Create a plan for yourself.

8. Stretch yourself beyond the normal.

9. Hone in on your positive behavior and junk the "I can't" 

10. Believe that every opportunity offers you experience to be better than the day before. 

Challenge for this week:

Develop two positive thinking patterns , one personal and the other professional. Give it some time and then reflect on what it created for you. We have over 40,000 diagnoses of what is wrong with us.  We have a little over 4,000 diagnoses for what is right. Believe me, you have the power to change your way of thinking. You impact others. Collectively, we control the better tomorrow and give hope to what the future holds. Define your purpose and make an impact. Build on what you know.

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