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Knowing the Generational Bridge

Think about having a room full of 500 diverse generations. If we were to ask those that like the color green to raise their hands, it would not surprise me if we grasped every generation represented. 

Trying to build from weakness, can derail goals and outcomes. Think of a conversation with a continuous green light. It comes from a place of adding value through sending and receiving language built from strength. We can take care of Mother Earth and have green thumbs. What is stopping us from growing a conversation with the same value and care? 

This morning, I was reflecting on a conversation about how the older generation is to lead the younger generation. My reply is that it goes both ways. Valuing perspectives and creating positive interactions between diverse generations promotes a welling effort to bridge a generational gap. 

Valuing perspectives of all ages allows insight from everyone and building trust and understanding is invaluable. Building from a strength methodology is a healthy starting point for transformational conversation. Think of yourself as a young child and continue until you imagine yourself in your nineties.

Answer these questions:

What can I learn?

What can be taught?

If you come from a place of generational co-design, there is opportunity to develop feeling of belonging, making climate transformation possible. Think of the context that is created when you allow this type of transformational experience to unfold. If this sounds as if this concept is out of control, reflect on yourself and your own fears. How can you break through the resistance that you are experiencing? Remember to start from a place of strength and build from there. 

Build your green conversation.Take care of humanity by growing conversations from strength. By practicing the art of development through positive interactions, your work and life experience will become less sensitive and/or feeling of a nuisance. Lean in to these experiences from a place of no judgement. Grow from within and develop familiarity with the generational bridge. 


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