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Learn to Know... Growth Within

I had a powerful conversation with my 13 year old son this morning. He said, "What happens when I stop growing?" I then replied, "Do we ever stop growing?" He looked at me with those big brown eyes and said, "Well, it depends on what growth we are talking about. Mind or Body?" Wow! As a coach, I think my jaw hit the floor. Tell me more son. For his privacy, I will not go into detail and I was intrigued by our conversation.  Kids are amazing.

What might occur in our life approaching growth, big or small, as a daily success? The image above is my small garden. There is not always growth and the soil is nurtured all year long.

Our daily lives need to be nurtured and grounded with purpose. Without purpose, what occurs? If the soil is not nurtured, what happens?  Notice there are several different plants growing in the same soil. Notice the areas where there is no growth. How can you relate the image above to your professional life? How can you relate the image to your personal life? Where are the connections that parallel both realities? 

Remember that to feel a sense of purpose and belonging, we must grow where we are planted. Life is being who you are, while growing your success.

Nurture Yourself by...

Create a Daily Purpose for...

Focus on what You Can Do...

Celebrate each day living your best life knowing that it is always within. 


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