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Ignite Your Language

I took this photo as a symbolic representation of a development meeting I attended. My mind was on fire with so many ideas that had been sparked by a creative conversation. Do you

know how to ignite your language?

Can you construct futuristic thoughts by creating language to support forward thinking? What about the use of clarifying words to clearly communicate what you are thinking? 

Understanding polarities in language will transform the role you play in a conversation. Often we crash and burn thinking in a downward spiral. Being able to recognize and redirect those moments is transformative. Take a glance at the two words below. 



Let's focus for a moment on the world "should". What is the reality of what is being said? "Should" is a negative format in language development. This week think more about knowing words that will develop forward thinking, trust, and clarity. When you notice these two words coming up, what brought them into the conversation? Here is a challenge for you. For the next three days use "and" in place of the word "but"and remove "should" completely. Yes, you will start to say them and be vulnerable by redirecting yourself. Make it a team challenge this week. Get creative and allow others to join you. How will slight changes impact your conversations?  

In leadership development, I realize how insidious these two words can be. Once removed from the language pattern, it transforms a conversation. Speak to what you know and reality. If you do not know, speak from the strength of clarifying. Finding an authentic language will ignite strength from within and transform your conversations. 



Should we use the polarity model?


How can we use the polarity model? 

I need to have a team meeting but I have little time to fit it in.


I need to have a team meeting and I need to find a time to fit it in. 


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