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Learn to Know... Transitions

As I hustled into the breakfast dinner, my stomach was full of the unknown. I had set up a conversation with a university professor. As a coach, I was curious about the connection she felt with the university and what kept her there. I had listened to several of her speeches that I found online. She is an ultimate go getter. The passion in her voice that drives her learning environment is transformational. To her core, she loves what she does and I wanted to know more about that. Within our hour together, our conversation made me realize I was in a transition. 

How do we keep our passion to move forward? How do we invest more time in ourselves?  How do we inspire others to reach our goals? This is transition. 

Grab a cup of hot brew and think about your plan. Be aware, through transition, we go through multiple phases. We hit places of resisting, redefining, and celebrating. If you could lay it out, in a step by step plan, what might that look like?

Start by letting go of what is not serving your well-being. Think about the things that might be easy to let go. Do not get stuck on the difficult ones. Releasing them will become easier as time progresses. Check in with your nerves.  Do you feel anxious and/or relieved? Focus on what makes you healthy, happy, inspired, and alive. You have somewhat now redefined yourself. 

What is the importance of redefining ourselves every now and then? Maybe, life is bringing new opportunities and/or challenges. Is this a place where one finds their resilience? For me, I think redefining is a tough and successful place in life. You can create this moment with or without support. The resources to support transitions are in abundance. When you know you are about to face a transition, prepare yourself. It will allow you to absorb the moment and possibly keep you from compromising your well-being. 

As a military spouse, I found the William Bridges model very useful through our ever changing military transitions. I had to prepare myself first so that my relationships with my husband, my children, family, and friends were not compromised. I thrive having relationships. Thank goodness I know that letting go is a good thing and redefining moments are a great way to celebrate a better you. Know that transitions are real. You have within you the formula to survive it. Grab a cup of brew, spend time for yourself. Even grinding a conversation with a stranger, that is passionate about their life, might help you redefine yours.  


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