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Don't Dodge It

Learn to know being Authentic is a healthy goal.

Have you ever had someone throw something at you in playfulness?  Although it meant you no harm, it took you by surprise. What if you could relate what you are dodging to speaking your truth? It might catch someone off guard but standing up and taking the hit might be what you need.

Name something that you have been dodging. What is causing you to dodge it?  How does dodging it serve you? Dodging is the action (doing), what are the feelings (being) from dodging? 

Trust yourself. By facing the throw, you will deliver yourself to a better you. Words that come to mind are: insightful, happy, determined, loved, appreciated, brave, spiritual, and full of life. Have you ever trusted someone to keep a promise? Did they uphold your trust?  If not, what came of that situation? We often put trust in others, yet we forget the most important one to trust is ourselves. If you are a person of faith, you might have a spiritual trust. Today, it seems the flesh (physical) trust seems more important to us.

This week recognize something or someone you have dodged. Soak up your spiritual trust, within yourself, and face that throw.

Three questions to start you on the journey:

1. What is the purpose?

2. What is my plan of action?

3. How will I grow from taking the shot?

As a mother of a goal keeper, my son often feels the fear of "the shot". My words to my son are always, "It will only last a few seconds. It is a 50/50 situation. You either will celebrate in victory or you will learn from defeat. Most importantly, stand in the moment and give it everything you have." 

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