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Why? Why? Why? Okay, how?

Learn to Know Being CURIOUS is useful.

This blog is not about the three year old asking, "Why?" Being curious about powerful questions led to more research than I could have ever imagined. I was able to narrow down a few things that could support my coaching. I honed my research around the art of approach and process when inquiring. As a coach, I know that questioning is very effective. How does approach and process of curiosity play into the response given? 

As a Professional Coach, questions lead the session. We allow the responsibility of behavior and choices be given to the rightful owner. The type of questions that support successful coaching sessions are genuine, objective, and foster discovery.  The types of questions I am referring to comes from a place of learning. When we inquire to understand the strategies and possibilities of our actions and behaviors, learning evolves and growth is fostered for a better well-being. These types of questions are: innovative, collaborative, build trust, clarify communication, win/win, inclusive, supportive, and spark solutions.

When leaders lead with curiosity they foster development and belonging. I had the privilege, a few months ago, to hear Don Layton, the CEO of Freddie Mac, speak to a group of rising leaders. The collaborative language he used throughout his speech was inspiring. It was completely off the cuff and interactive. His foundation of improv skills shined bright. He used the tactic of powerful questions allowing these rising leaders to think about strategies and possibilities for their organization. He gave them the sense of belonging and allowed them to add to the content of his speech. His approach not only created loyalty, it heightened their sense of value to their organization. It was like being placed in a room during mutual discovery. He was curious about their mindset and they were open to adding value to his speech. He took the learning approach and mixed it with appreciate inquiry. 

What types of leaders inspire you?

What challenges do leaders face with communication? 

What encourages leaders to seek organizational awareness? 

Identify characteristics that create good leaders and sustain successful organizations. 

Think about these questions and the approach used. 

So how do you approach questioning? Be conscious of your approach this week. By creating authentic approaches to your conversations, you will foster critical thinking. Why should you inspire? Why should you challenge? Why should you encourage? Try changing the  "Why" to "What or How." 


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