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Inclusion ~ Hugging through Diversity with Deeper Respect and Gratitude

Learn to Know: Inclusion 

Today the word inclusion came to mind by reading an article about "Psychological Safety." So what is the importance of inclusion?  Hugging through our diversity to better understand one another allows us to shine in our own way. I am referring to the word "hugging" as to embracing each others existence without judgement.  

Think about conversation and human development grounded in gratitude rather than judgement. How might employees in organizations thrive having the ability to speak and not feel judged or depleted? Having the sense of belonging to something more than themselves. What might an organization's ROI be with a foundation built on a deeper gratitude and understanding of inclusion?  

Letting go of judgement is a great place to start. Start with what you know about judgement. If you approached a conversation without judgement, what might occur? Start with what you know and then stretch yourself to think beyond. First, think of these questions from an individual standpoint. Next, think of these questions from an organizational standpoint. Finally, what are some common grounds between them to build from?

*How might you step in and become a creator of solutions for positive change rather than focusing on what you cannot fix? 

*What can we count on each other for?

*What is the reputation we inspire to have?

*What is your behavior to own and control for a better version of who you are?

Everyday is a day to be better than the last. 

I fell in love with poetry in the 4th grade. My teacher, Mrs. Brenda Weekly, taught us to respect others and to be good listeners. She often read us poetry and connected it to our learning environment. Shel Silverstein became one of my favorite. We each have a voice. Being inclusive is nothing new and we are increasing the awareness to grow with an every changing world.

 The Voice by Shel Silverstein...


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