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Most clients think that the best coach is the one that has been there before and done exactly what the client has been doing. The truth is that coaching is not knowing you and not giving advice from our own experiences. As a coach, we want to be removed from your reality so that no judgement gets in the way of the coaching session. A coach cultivates a session, not standing in the weeds, but by digging into the soil to support growth, awareness, and possibilities. The coach always meets the client wherever they might be in their reality. 

Coaching is a support factor to stimulate and expand the "what if" concepts. A Professional Certified Coach is not only a person with professional experience, but one who has extensive training in coaching competencies and language. They utilize this specific training to support clients in "real time" self-discovery. They support the client, determining the best way forward to satisfy the client's needs. 

Many clients ask, "What is the difference between coaching, consulting, mentoring, and therapy?" Here is a simplified answer:


Guidance and Advice


Direction, Method, Technique, Information


Probe, Psychoanalyze, Deep Reflection, Come To Terms


Explore and Experiment With New Ways of Working, Thinking,  and Doing 

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